Asparagus Fern Small (Poly Bag)

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The Asparagus "Sprengeri" (Asparagus aethiopicus) is a herbaceous perennial angiosperm with scale-like true leaves called cladophylls. Cladophylls are small needle-like structures that grow mostly flat and linearly on the stem of the plant to form thorns. Sprengeri fern cladophylls are yellow-green or bright green and can grow in groups of three or more, or singly on the branches of the plant.

Sprengeri ferns do best in full sun. If planting in hanging pots, use pots with draining holes. Mist the ferns with warm water when watering indoors. If used as ground cover, it is safe to mow them down to control their size, as long as this is done in spring or fall

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