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We will arrange shipping of the plants ordered to your address in the manner specified in an accepted order.

The costs of shipping and handling will be shown on your purchase receipt. We will inform you of estimated shipment dates, but will not be responsible for delays in delivery due to events beyond our control, including shortage of plants, strikes, transportation failure or acts of God. Returns will be dealt with only as per the returns policy posted on the Site at the time of acceptance of the binding order.

1. Which mode of delivery to ship the orders?

we deliver through the personal vehicles.

2. Do you charge on shipping?

Yes, Flat shipping and handling charge.

3. I need to return an item, how do I arrange for a pick-up?

if In case the plant got damaged in transit, contact us on or call us @ 8401789132

4. What happens if the recipient is not a home at the time of delivery?

The delivery guy will attempt to hand over the plants to neighbors (We collect bill later on). If the neighbor is also not reachable or doesn't accept the plants then he will not leave the plants at the door step unless instructed to do so. The fresh plants will then be redelivered again at no extra cost only after talking to the recipient and confirming another suitable delivery time.

5. Can the delivery time line be guaranteed?

Yes. We are elatika. we guarantee the time line of delivery.The delivery boys are also authorized to deliver the plants to a neighbor if the recipient cannot be reached. We collect bill later on.

Please allow 5-7 days for delivery on average. In peak times, unavoidable circumstances or public holiday times your order might take up to 10 days (e.g Festive seasons, Strikes, Act of god).

Note: Plants above 5 feet we only deliver up to basement of your apartment.