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Cathedral bells, Panfuti, Patharkuchi, Bryophyllum pinnatum (with pot)

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Vernacular names for Bryophyllum pinnatum include Cathedral Bells, Air Plant, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf, Goethe Plant and the Katakataka. The first two of these are also commonly names for plants of other species and genera. In West Bengal, state of India it is called Patharkuchi in Bengali It is also called "Leaf of Life" and "Wonder of the World" in the English speaking Caribbean. In maharashtra state of india it is called "Panfuti" (Whoes leaves grow out from leaf ). In Odisha state of India, it is commonly known as Amarapoi (meaning: Deathless plant), Hemakaakara.

Red Pierrot butterfly is resting in the edge of the Patharkuchi leaf. It is called as pathacharuti in Hindi.

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Bryophyllum pinnatum has become naturalized in tropical and subtropical areas, including parts of Asia, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, Macaronesia, Mascarenes, Galapagos Islands, Melanesia, Polynesia, and Hawaii.In many of these, such as Hawaii, it is regarded as an invasive species.It is also widely distributed in the Philippines and it is known as katakataka or kataka-taka which is also an adjective meaning astonishing or remarkable. Much of the reason for the widespread naturalization of this plant can be traced to its popularity as a garden plant. The writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - who also was an amateur naturalist of some repute - was "passionately fond" of this plant and liked to give the baby plantlets as gifts to friends who visited his home. He also discussed his air plant at length in an essay titled Geschichte meiner botanischen Studien ("History of my botanical studies").

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