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Mini variegated umbrella

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An Umbrella Plant in your home or place of work should be very easy for you to take care of, in addition it will help you out by cleaning the air for you. They are normally undemanding and providing, as the bare minimum, you water at least a few times each month you can have a beautiful looking plant to brighten up and give structure to a dull corner or used more boldly by having it flank a doorway. The versatility continues because you can choose to have it as a tall and slender specimen placed at floor level and reaching for the ceiling, or keep it compact and short on the coffee table, it can suit many positions and will adapt to a variety of conditions.

Home delivery available only in Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar cities from Gujarat.

The main downside is with age, or prolonged incorrect care, the lower leaves will fall and you will have a bare lower stem but still with a full canopy, which despite sometimes being called an Umbrella Tree, can look very odd indoors. The plant also offers very low resistance to pests, with Red Spider Mite and Scale Insects being a possible serious problem. You can usually find all green or variegated Umbrella Plants like these, quite easilyAll problems can however be overcome, so if you'd like an Umbrella Plant as a house guest get out there and get one. There are several different varieties and growth habits to pick from. Firstly you need to decide if you want an all green variety or an Umbrella Plant with variegated leaves. The green ones although arguably less attractive are much better suited to coping with less light and lower temperatures, where the variegation varieties are less tolerant of such conditions and have a shorter height. You do need to think about the ultimate placement in your home first, but other than that pick your favorite.

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