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Hydrangeas (With Pot)

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Hydrangeas is a collection of Hydrangea macrophylla perennial shrubs that have the unique ability to re-bloom throughout the spring and summer months, giving more color and visual appeal to your garden for a longer period of time. Endless Summer hydrangea are known to bloom 10 to 12 weeks longer than average Hydrangea macrophylla plants and show well in colder climates since they are able to bloom on the current season’s new growth.

Home delivery available only in Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar cities from Gujarat.

Growing Hydrangeas: Although there are many types of hydrangeas, most can be grown in full sun or partial shade. Keep in mind, however, that many hydrangeas do not like extremely hot conditions, so try to locate them in an area where they can enjoy some afternoon shade. While they can be grown in a wide range of soils, hydrangeas typically prefer rich, moist soil that drains easily. Amending the soil with compost prior to planting is helpful. Hydrangea planting should be performed in spring once the threat of frost has passed. Water thoroughly after planting. You can also add a layer of mulch following hydrangea planting Hydrangea Care Guide: Water is an important factor when you care for hydrangeas. They enjoy deep watering at least once a week, especially in dry weather. Hydrangeas also benefit from an occasional boost of fertilizer once or twice a year in spring or summer. Hydrangeas can also be transplanted easily, but this should only be done during dormancy in fall or winter. Be sure to dig up the entire rootball and replant immediately. Since flowers are produced on new growth, you should prune hydrangeas once their blooming has ceased. Pruning Care for Hydrangeas: As there are many types of hydrangeas, pruning and care of hydrangeas may differ slightly with each. The most common types of hydrangea are the Mopheads and Lacecaps (H. macrophylla). These are the varieties with large, globe-shaped flowers that many of us remember as kids. Pruning for these usually takes place in late summer. The Oakleaf hydrangea (H. quercifolia) is another commonly grown variety. With its unique fall color and oakleaf-shaped foliage, this variety usually provides year-round interest. It also tolerates drier conditions. Oakleaf is best pruned in early spring. Panicle (H. paniculata), or Pee Gee, exhibits white flowers in summer, which gradually turn pink. Prune to remove spent blooms and thin or cut back the plant in late winter/early spring. H. arborescens ‘Grandiflora’, or Hills of Snow hydrangea, should be pruned to the ground each winter or early spring as well. The hydrangea vine or climbing hydrangea (H. anomala) doesn’t usually require pruning but may be done in order to keep the new shoots under control. Growing hydrangeas is easy, as is the care of hydrangeas. These beautiful bushes reward you each year magnificent blooms that will instantly take you back to those fond childhood days.

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