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Gulabbas, four-o clock plant

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Mirabilis is a genus of plants in the family Nyctaginaceae known as the four-o'clocks or umbrellaworts. The best known species may be Mirabilis jalapa, the plant most commonly called four o'clock.

There are several dozen species in the genus, of herbaceous plants, mostly found in the Americas. Some form tuberous roots that enable them to perennate through dry and cool seasons. They have small, deep-throated flowers, often fragrant.

Although best known as ornamental plants, at least one species, mauka (M. expansa), is grown for food.

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This species is native to Peru, distributed in the tropics, and cultivated in all tropical regions. Within India, it is cutlivated throughout and is met with as an escape in many places. Language Vernacular Name Arabic (1) zahr-ul-ajl English (3) false jalap, four-o clock plant, marvel of peru Hindi (5) gulabans, gulabash, gulabbas, gule-aabbas, guleaabbas Kannada (20) chandra mallige, chandra mallige, chandra-mallige, chandramallige, gulabaasa, gulamaji, gullumunchi, kalluli, madhyaana mallige, madhyahna mallige, madhyanha malligay, madhyanhamallige, naalku gante hoo, naalku gante hoovu, naalku ghante hoo, sanja-mallige, sanjamallige, sanje amllige, sanjimallige, vibhoothi gida Malayalam (6) andi-malleri, anthimalari, anti-malari, anti-mantaram, antimalari, antimantaram Marathi (5) emdraks, gulbaashi, gulbas, meremdi, saayankaali Persian (2) gule-aabbas, guli-aabbas Sanskrit (4) krishnakeli, krisnakeli, sandhya-raga, sandhyakali Tamil (53) ammukkili, andimalli, andimalligai, andimandarai, annmalarntan, anthi-mallikai, anti, antimalakikacceti, antimalarakikam, antimalarantan, antimalari, antimallai, antimalli, antimallikai, antimantarai, antimantaram, antinarulu, antippu, arukolacceti, arukolam, bhathrakshi, cannata vali, cannatavali, cantira mallikai, cantiramallikai, civappuantimalli, kanankacikam, kenta, kenta 2, malai antimalli, malaiantimalligaicceti, malaiyantimalli, malaiyantimallikaicceti, paruvaikkantam, paruvatikantam, patrashi, pattarachi, pattaracu, pattarashu, pattiraksi, pattiratcam, pattiratci, ripuncakacceti, ripuncakaceti, ripuncakam, taimilamuli, taittilamuli, taittilamulicceti, tivacattiyacceti, tivacattiyam, tivacttiyaceti, tumpara mallikai, tumparamallikai Telugu (12) badrakshi, batharachi, bhadraakshi, bhadrakshi, bhandrakanta, chandra-kanta, chandra-kantha, chandra-mali, chandrakaantha, chandrakanta, chandramalle, chandramalli

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