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1. How do I read your plant listings?

For each plant, we have provided photo, price and description. We provided quick over view and detailed description in English.

2. How and where do you grow your plants?

elatika do not grow plant. We bring your near by nurseries to your door step.

3. How can I pay for my order?

Once your order reached to you. As of now we accept cash on delivery.

4. When can I place the order?

You can place the order any time.

5. Are my personal details secured?

We have a well constituted & strict privacy policy which can be read at privacy policy section. In brief the policy states that we don't share our customer data with anybody. No unsolicited emails are sent from us.

6. Is the delivery cost extra?

Yes. elatika have flat delivery charge for shipping.

7. How do I know if elatika has received my order?

As soon as we receive an order, an email is sent to the email id provided by cutomer. The order status is updated in the order tracking section where it can be checked as well.

8. How are the flowers delivered?

All the fresh plants are hand delivered by our dedicated delivery boys .Strict guidelines and standard are maintained to ensure that the plants are fresh and are meeting the customer expectation.

9. Where all can the delivery be made?

The delivery is possible in Gandhinagar, Gujarat as of now. We are expecting to reach other cities very soon.

10. What is the possible delivery date?

Within same day to Maximum 7 days of your order.

11. What if I have a specific requirement or if I want bulk order or if I have a special request?

We will be honored to oblige you for your special request or bulk order. Just drop us a mail with your requirements and we will get back to you immediately.

12. How can I get personal assistance?

You can contact us on or call us @ 8401789132

13. How can I cancel or reschedule an order?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your order due to unforeseen circumstances you can email at or call us @ 8401789132

14. How can I cancel or reschedule an order?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your order due to unforeseen circumstances you can email at or call us @ 8401789132

15. What happens when the flowers are no longer fresh upon arrival?

If you at anytime have questions or concerns regarding your order, you may reach us at or call us at 8401789132 and surely we will make all efforts to satisfy you by taking immediate action.

16. What do I do if I forgot my member password?

Click on login, and on the login screen click on the Forgot Password link. You will be prompted for your email id. Your login information will be sent on this email id.

17. What happens if the recipient is not a home at the time of delivery?

The delivery guy will attempt to hand over the plants to neighbors (We collect bill later on). If the neighbor is also not reachable or doesn't accept the plants then he will not leave the plants at the door step unless instructed to do so. The fresh plants will then be redelivered again at no extra cost only after talking to the recipient and confirming another suitable delivery time.

18. Can the delivery time line be guaranteed?

Yes. We are elatika. we guarantee the time line of delivery.The delivery boys are also authorized to deliver the plants to a neighbor if the recipient cannot be reached. We collect bill later on.