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Dracaena, Dragon Tree (Dwarf)

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Dracaena plants are suitable for use as houseplants, being a top performer in NASA's clean air study and tolerant to sparse watering.

Commonly known as dragon trees and grow in arid semi-desert areas. They are tree-sized with stout trunks and stiff, broad-based leaves. The remaining species are known collectively was shrubby dracaenas. They are smaller and shrub-like, with slender stems and flexible strap-shaped leaves, and grow as understorey plants in rainforests.

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Dracaena derived from the romanized form of the Ancient Greek δράκαινα – drakaina, "female dragon", is a genus of about 120 species of trees and succulent shrubs.In the APG III classification system, it is placed in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Nolinoideae (formerly the family Ruscaceae).[4] It has also formerly been separated (sometimes with Cordyline) into the family Dracaenaceae or placed in the Agavaceae (now Agavoideae). The majority of the species are native to Africa, with a few in southern Asia through to northern Australia with one species in tropical Central America. The segregate genus Pleomele is now generally included in Dracaena. The genus Sansevieria is closely related, and has recently been synonymized under Dracaena in the Kubitzki system

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