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Double Chandni, Tagar, (Medium)

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The plant generally grows to a height of 5–6 feet (1.5–1.8 m) and is dichotomously-branched. The large shiny leaves are deep green and about 6 inches (15 cm) in length and 2 inches (5.1 cm) in width. The waxy blossoms are found in small clusters on the stem tips. The (single) flowers have the characteristic 'pinwheel' shape also seen in other genera in the family Apocynaceae such as Vinca and Nerium. Both single and double-flowered forms are cultivated, the flowers of both forms being white. The plant blooms in spring but flowers appear sporadically all year. The flowers of the single form are unscented but the double-flowered form has a pleasing fragrance.

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Tabernaemontana divaricata (Apocynaceae), commonly called pinwheelflower,crape jasmine, East India rosebay and Nero's crown is an evergreen shrub native to India and now cultivated throughout South East Asia and the warmer regions of continental Asia. In zones where it is not hardy it is grown as a house/glasshouse plant for its attractive flowers and foliage. The stem exudes a milky latex when broken, whence the name milk flower in the Bengali language.It is known as "Nandiar vattai" in Tamil and "Nanthyaar vattam"in Malayalam. It is known as wathusudda (meaning "garden white") in the Sinhalese language. In the Kannada language it is called Nandi battalu , Telugu language it is called nandivardhanam. Other Indian names include chandni and taggar. In Cambodia, it is called phka nuon srei or phka dâk khut The plant contains several alkaloids and, like many other Apocynaceae, is toxic and medicinal

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