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Air Purifier Plants

  1. Dracaena, Dragon Tree (Dwarf)

    Dracaena plants are suitable for use as houseplants, being a top performer in NASA's clean air study and tolerant to sparse watering. Commonly known as dragon trees and grow in arid semi-desert areas. They are tree-sized with stout trunks and stiff, broad-based leaves. The remaining species are known collectively was shrubby dracaenas. They are smaller and shrub-like, with slender stems and flexible strap-shaped leaves, and grow as understorey plants in rainforests. Learn More

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  2. Song of India, Dracaena reflexa

    The song of India plant is a species from the dracaena genus (dracaena reflexa) that has become a popular house plant.This tree like plant is fairly easy to grow and maintain like others from this genus, although it does require high humidity levels.There are various cultivars of the dracaena reflexa that display different leaf variations, although the most popular you'll see sold in garden stores is the yellow edged variegata type. They usually grow up to about 3ft tall indoors (which takes a fair few years) and have a bushy tree type of look about them. Learn More

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