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About elatika

Connecting Home to Nature

elatika started with the aim of making your home colorful rainbow of flowers with the essence of greenery and more pure air. elatika aimed at improving everyone’s workplace and living environments.

elatika brings you the nursery online. You don't need to go nursery physically. You can visit all nurseries nearby from your phone and computer while sitting at your home.

You will have the choice of comparing quality and price each plant from all nurseries available your nearby without going even single nursery. elatika allow only original plants images from nursery (We use reference image only if original image not available or better visualization of buyer). All you get are fresh plants with benefits attached to it. Match your requirements to find a plant of your choice at elatika.

elatika enables your nearby nursery owners to show many more offerings—and immediately update you about their new plants.
We strives to offer one of the largest platform with selections of high quality live plants and related products, complete with extensive plant information, while maintaining an exceptional level of customer service. We will not sacrifice the personal attention we give our customers for our expanded growth.

Complete Order Flexibility. 

You can order just one single plant, if you want to. (It's more cost-effective in postage if you order more.) There is no minimum order.
You can order plants in bulk (if we have them in stock!) elatika has no minimum or maximum order limit.

Fantastic Value

As we deliver direct from your nearby nursery to you, you get great cost savings on your plants.

Their roots remains young and fresh, as they do not suffer from long transportaion being ‘pot bound’
Due to minimum transaportaion journey, damage of plants are minimum.

elatika promise to deliver wide range of natural plants and accessories at your home. elatika showcase largest collection of Plants like Flowering plants, Avenue Trees, Aquatic Plants, Cactus & Succulents, Ferns, Indoor Plants, Landscape Plants, Bamboo and many more available nearby.

Team elatika

connecting Home to Nature